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Presenting the Liquid Glass® Total Appearance System.
There's nothing like the exhilaration of seeing your prized auto, boat or plane gleaming with a glass-like, satin-smooth glow. One that turns heads while turning away the elements. And now because of a startling breakthrough in appearance chemical technology, you can apply this "showroom" brilliance in minutes - and enjoy its benefits year 'round.

Chemical cross-linking . . . the nucleus of our system.
Unlike other finishing families, the Liquid Glass System works because each highly-refined product chemically bonds with the next. The concept is simple. The results, simply-spectacular. All products are perfectly safe for use on clearcoated surfaces, and help retard acid rain and hard water spotting. When used together as a Total Appearance System, they cross-link to give you maximum protection and beauty.

Pour on our Liquid Glass Wash Concentrate, Pre-Cleaner and Polish/Finish today - and see how their dazzling glow reflects on you. Then rejuvenate your leather, vinyl and rubber with our Connoisseur's Choice® duo - the miracle cross-linked mixtures with mink oil. But don't wait. Once you experience a touch of 'Glass, you'll never settle for less.

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