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Liquid Glass Legend

Liquid Glass® Legend®

Durable New-Age Carbon/PTFE Finish

16 fl. oz. Liquid Glass Legend
(Suggested Retail Price $99.95)

Liquid Glass Legend – The longest lasting protection for your prized possession.

After years of research and development, the scientists at Liquid Glass Enterprises have created Liquid Glass Legend, an exceptional new-age Carbon/PTFE finish. Liquid Glass Legend is:

  • Acid rain retardant
  • Stone chip resistant after 25 coatings
  • Extremely durable and mirror shiny
  • Super slippery
  • Reduces drag and increases top end speed on racing cars, planes and boats

For Application Instructions, CLICK HERE.

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Liquid Glass Legend Application Instructions

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before using. Surface must be clean and dry. All wax residue on vehicle must be removed. We highly recommend using Liquid Glass Pre-Cleaner. If the surface is very dull, stained, oxidized or has been recently waxed, Pre-Cleaner should be used to obtain optimum results. Apply Legend Carbon/PTFE sparingly but evenly using a Liquid Glass Professional Applicator Pad or a coarse cotton cloth in a straight back-and-forth movement. Apply to entire vehicle or one section at a time. The surface should be warm (50-90ºF). Some paint color may appear on the cloth, but this is oxidized paint which must be removed to reveal the good paint layer beneath. After a white haze appears on the surface, wipe off with a clean, dry cloth. A Liquid Glass Professional Buffing Cloth, terry cloth or turkish towel should be used. On dark-colored vehicles with soft or uncured paint, some streaking may occur. Streaks or haze will be eliminated by rebuffing the surface with a damp cloth. Allow a minimum of one hour curing time between each coat. When finished with coating process, “baking” the finish in the sun (or with heat lamps) will bond and solidify the Legend Carbon/PTFE to a diamond hard coating. This MUST BE DONE in a minimum temperature of 75ºF for optimum results. The greater the number of coats, the greater the protection afforded.

Liquid Glass Legend can be applied directly over Liquid Glass® Polish/ Finish and Nautical Liquid Glass® Polish/Finish without fear of damage to the applied surfaces. The more applications of Liquid Glass Legend applied, the deeper, richer, smoother, and mirror shiny the surfaces will become., 6-B Hamilton Business Park, 85 Franklin Road, Dover, NJ 07801
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Toll Free: (800) 351-0605
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