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Liquid Glass Detail Spray photo

Liquid Glass® Detail Spray

Optical brightner for paint, brightwork, glass, plastic,
finished wood and any hard non-porous surface.
Enhances gloss and durability of Liquid GlassPolish/Finish.

16 fl. oz. Liquid Glass Detail Spray – $21.95 each
Gallon Refill Liquid Glass Detail Spray – $139.95 each

Liquid Glass Detail Spray The Car, Boat, Aircraft Collector’s and Customizer’s Choice.

After years of research and development, and requests from around the world, the scientists at Liquid Glass Enterprises have created a Liquid Glass Detail Spray version of the legendary Liquid Glass Polish/Finish. This easy to use liquid spray is comprised of optically clear chemicals which will enhance the luster of a Liquid Glass coated surface. Liquid Glass Detail Spray is great to use just before cruising or for a quick spruce-up before a car show – imparts exceptionally high luster with no harsh chemicals or abrasives.

  • Use after Liquid Glass Polish/Finish application
  • Eliminates streaking and hi-lo spots
  • Eliminates static electricity and dust cling
  • Increases durability of Liquid Glass Polish/Finish with no residue
  • Easily removes road grime and film from painted, plated, glass, and plastic surfaces
  • Can be used as a waterless car wash
  • Designed for showroom maintenance

For Application Instructions, CLICK HERE.

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Liquid Glass Auto Detail Spray Application Instructions
  • Spray on – Wait 2 minutes for Detail Spray to set-up.
  • Buff off with Liquid Glass Professional Buffing Cloth or Micro Fiber cloth until dry and MIRROR shiny.
  • Turn cloth frequently to avoid re-depositing dust, dirt, and grime back onto the surface. A full size car can typically be completed in 10 minutes.

Liquid Glass Detail Spray can be used thousands of times without fear of damage to the applied surfaces. Frequent use will reveal more and more application possibilities. The more applications applied, the deeper, richer, smoother, and mirror shiny the surfaces will become.

Liquid Glass Detail Spray creates that "Rolling Mirror With Four Wheels" look – the same as Liquid Glass Polish/Finish. Apply directly over Liquid Glass Polish/ Finish, Nautical Liquid Glass® Polish/Finish, Liquid Glass® Legend™ Carbon/PTFE, and Liquid Glass® Car Perfect™ Hydrophobic Carbon/PTFE-2 and PTFE-6., 6-B Hamilton Business Park, 85 Franklin Road, Dover, NJ 07801
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